SDYC stands for our Southern District Youth Conference which is our denomination’s annual youth conference where 500+ people come together.  At this weekend conference, senior high students will recharge their batteries by experiencing encouraging worship and challenging lesson.  They will have a chance to reconnect with fellow believers, and they will have the opportunity to recommit to living out their Christian faith in an ever-changing world.  Check out the Christian Leader’s article about last year’s conference by clicking here or watch the video below.

Who: For Senior High Students (grades 9 -12)
When: Friday, November 17 – Sunday, November 19
Where: Buhler, KS
Cost: $70 per person by November 2 (early bird price!)  November 3-12 is $90 per person
(Includes lodging, food, and a t-shirt!)  You pay directly to your church.
Band: Jake Stemo Band (from Wichita)

Our Speakers:

Keith Spencer— Keith loves living life outside the box! He envisions a world where Christ-followers take the lead in loving others towards their God-given potential, inspiring lasting change through the power of personal relationship. He’s extremely passionate about racial reconciliation and has spent several years of his life empowering students in multiple churches in different regions of the country.   He currently resides in Wichita, Kansas where he works as a social media consultant & minister, helping churches and non-profits spread the Gospel utilizing the technology of the 21st century. He loves family and is engaged to the love of his life, Annie.

Speaking at the 1st & 4th Sessions

Sam McVey Jr. — Sam has been married to Amy for 28 years. They have 9 children and 14 grandchildren. Sam leads a ministry called Disciple Nations which is a ministry dedicated to spreading the supremacy of Jesus into all nations by igniting movements of disciple-making and prayer. DN is made up of a team of missionary equippers, multiple equipping bases, house churches, and prayer/worship ministries locally and in the internationally.

Speaking at the 2nd & 3rd Sessions

2017’s Theme:

Whether it is the conflict in the world that burdens our hearts or the conflicts within our hearts, there is one answer to it all: Jesus. At SDYC we will experience different viewpoints and be getting equipped to handle multiple areas of conflict (i.e. online bullying, race relations, Truth vs Grace discussions, etc.) in a healthy way. Basically, it’s about reconciliation and how do Christians interact with people who completely disagree with them in a Christ-like way?  How do we love our neighbor, even if they hate us?  And how Jesus is the only way for eternal peace.

Download our Promo Packet:

Returning Team Competition:

How Extreme are you and your friends?  Last year we had several teams make it to the final round, but there can only be one winner.  This is a competition on who is the best four-person team.  Challenges consist of both athletic and non-athletic tasks which will reward points.  And this year one of the rounds will be DODGEBALL!  After each round, the lowest scoring teams will be eliminated.  The winning team receives a HUGE gift certificate for each person and will have their names etched on the championship trophy!  Form your teams and sign up at SDYC.  Extra creativity points for you’re team name and matching uniforms!

CLICK HERE or the LOGO to learn more about it!

Cost: Free     From: 2:00—4:30 p.m.